Love My Frenchie Vinyl Decal Window/Bumper Sticker - Frenchie and Friends

Love My Frenchie Vinyl Decal Window/Bumper Sticker

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Love My Frenchie French Bulldog Vinyl Decal Window/Bumper Sticker in Black or Silver

This product is composed of three parts. The upper layer is a transparent transfer film, the middle layer is the main body, the bottom is the bottom film.


Measurements: 5.7IN X 5.08IN

Paste Tools: Cloth, Scraper or Credit Card.

1. Clean and Dry Surface
2. Please make sure to adhere slowly into position, please use tools to lay flat, until the film has been removed
3. Repeatedly scrape and press until flat, then slowly remove the transparent film
4. Make sure there are no physical separations or protrusions

Note: Please do not wash your car for 2-3 days after application, thank you